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  • AI Am Inevitable

    In the previous blog post I discussed why dismissing AI Art completely (rather than critiquing the structural economics) is a misguided perspective. There is, however, a more fundamental reason why I believe this: I think this is a fight that artists will inevitably lose. (I know, finally, a REAL hot take.) Assume, as I think […]

  • Plagiarism/Inspiration or: 3000 Words of Prompting

    (You probably have inferred what this whole blog post is about by now!) Arguments against AI Art are plenty. Here’s some: Argument 1 is an argument against AI Art at this point in its technological development. Yes, a lot of it is quite ugly, but an argument against the now is not an argument against […]

  • In which I take the ‘Free Marketplace of Ideas’ metaphor too seriously

    There’s a striking contrast to the diametrically opposed concepts of ‘the free marketplace of ideas’ and ‘cancel culture’. Both are phrases used by free speech advocate types, yet sub-textually they couldn’t be further apart. ‘Free marketplace’ invokes the cold, hard, quantifiable logic of markets, commerce, and capitalism (it’s probably no coincidence this marketplace metaphor originates […]

  • How I learned to start worrying and hate the cloud

    Over the span of 2022 I have been steadily engaged in the process of ‘degoogleifying’ myself, that is, removing or reducing my dependence on cloud service providers like Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, etc. and instead relying on self-hosted alternatives to these services. Like many others I have a very ‘online’ life and that typically means depending […]

  • 1 Year

    We released The Signal State 1 year ago today! “Graphics are the first thing finished in a video game”. Here’s how the game looked 1 year before release. It’s sold really well. It’s been well received by its players. We got some cool coverage from major press sites. More coverage came from youtubers and streamers. […]

  • anti-Gesamtkunstwerk

    In these 2 pages, the personified 19th and 20th centuries, represented by the distinct typography, debate their relative merits. There is an idea from opera, the Gesamtkunstwerk, of an art form that is a synthesis of all other art forms. Opera was meant to be it though these days perhaps video games are the Gesamtkunstwerk. […]

  • Signal State Steam Summer Sale Stats

    That’s a 6 word alliteration! The Steam Summer Sale just concluded, so here’s another look at the sales stats for The Signal State: We had our biggest discount of 30% for this sale, but it didn’t translate to a particularly large sales bump compared to prior discounts. I suspect there’s 2 reasons for this. The […]

  • The Leftification of Games

    I finished playing Citizen Sleeper recently and a thought occurred to me. Several years back the phrase ‘the daddification of games’ emerged to describe the trend of games with fatherhood as a primary theme. Telltale’s The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, Bioshock, etc. It feels like we are seeing a ‘leftication of games’ with […]

  • Branding Kinda interesting how A24 has built a brand/audience relationship more akin to that of a youtuber or twitch streamer, even though they’re a pretty major film studio. Now they even have a quasi-patreon membership thing. Makes sense since their films largely target millennials. Within games, Annapurna Interactive could probably pull off something similar. If […]

  • So you’ve launched your game on GOG

    It’s been a month(ish) since the release of The Signal State on GOG, so it might be interesting to look at the sales data and compare it to our Steam sales data. The total number of copies sold through GOG is approximately 1% of the total number of copies sold through Steam, with the vast […]