Scale your way to the top of a mythical, wish-granting tree. We join Damira on her journey as she seeks to overcome her grief over the loss of her brother in a prior incident.

Play The Wishing Tree here:

The Wishing Tree was developed as a student project at Digipen Singapore in a team of 12.

I was the Technical Lead on the project, and was responsible for ensuring the integration of indivdual engine systems and communicating between art/design and tech personnel. I was also responsible for the serialization and reflection systems, auxiliary graphics features, and additional gameplay programming. Outside of technical work, I also contributed to narrative design and was the voiceover artist for Damira’s brother.

The game won Best Junior Technology, Best Junior Physics Technology, and Best 3D Visual Design at the Digipen Singapore Game and Animation Awards 2019.

Jason Siow

Nicholas Tan
Jeremy Dong
Samantha Goh

Benedict Lee
Loo Yan Wen
Lim Kay Hwee
Daren Ho
Yeo Bo Jun

Zoe Thong
Elizabeth Oei
Goh Yee Hwa