So your game is discounted during the Winter Sale

The wishlist-to-sales ratio can be wildly different from game to game, with anything from less than 0.1 sales per wishlist to more than 1 sale per wishlist.

If your game ends up with a lower ratio than the widely publicized statistical average, it could potentially be quite disheartening, but it need not necessarily be. After all, a wishlist is an indication of some interest, and these wishlists usually bear fruit during Steam sales.

Copies Sold before and during the Steam Winter Sale

For The Signal State, the average number of copies sold per day during the Winter Sale was 6 times that of the daily average in the month prior. 17% of the total number of copies sold were bought during the sale, accounting for about 14% of our total revenue.

Its also worth noting that people will still wishlist your game during these sales, adding in more potential buyers for future sales. Our daily wishlists remained roughly the same through the sale.

Other stats like our positive reviews percentage, percentage of buyers on Mac/Linux, percentage of refunds remained mostly unchanged.