So your game has been out for a month

Its been slightly more than a month since release, so it might be useful to look at how The Signal State has done.

Our reviews stand at 92% positive right now. This ratio stayed pretty stable after 2 weeks or so from release.

Our refund rate is at about 5.6%, a slight increase from the rate after 1 week, which makes sense as players who buy later are players who may be less passionate about this kind of game, but I’m still pretty happy with this rate. As mentioned before, the average refund rate is about 5-8%, which puts us on the lower end of the range.

Our wishlist to sales ratio is now at about 18%, and a conversion rate (users who first wishlisted then eventually purchased) of about 7%, a slight increase from ratios at the 1 week point.

The current number of copies sold is about 47% higher then the number of copies sold after 1 week. This is pretty much in line with expectations from existing data from other games.

If you consider the current profits and the publisher advance (minus external expenses like freelancers), this game has earned enough to sustain at least 1 full-time developer for at least a year, possibly longer once we see the revenues from future sales!

P.S we just released an update that adds some requested UI improvements please buy my game and givememoneythankyouverymuch