So you wanna localize your game

petition to ban all languages except english

you wanna localize your game? sure send your text for localization

get the text back, hope you didnt make any last minute changes which would mean another round of translations

import the other languages in game. oh no your text layouts are all messed up because german takes 3587 words just to say ‘click here’

ok so u make all your text boxes dynamically sizable. oh no the russian translation doesnt render right, you just get the little squares. turns out the fonts you use dont support the russian alphabet. how will putin play your game now

ok so you find some substitute fonts. oh no the chinese translations dont work either.

ok so you find some other substitute fonts.

oh no chinese still doesnt work.the game engine renders text using a font atlas, and chinese is a logographic language, so u have to regenerate the font atlases based on the actual chinese characters your game uses.

ok go ahead and do that. oh no traditional chinese doesnt work. because if chinese people cant decide which is the *real* china what makes u think we can decide what is the *real* chinese

ok regenerate font atlases for traditional chinese.

oh no korean doesnt work.etc etc etc

edit: dont forget to add support for dynamically generated font atlases if your game has dynamic text like usernames in a leaderboard