Month: September 2021

  • So you’ve sold your game

    STATS STATS STATS It’s been a week since launch, typically the most crucial period that decides whether a game is a ‘success’ or not, so it’s an interesting point at which to review how we’ve done. Overall, the game has performed better than I, or even our publisher, had expected! We recouped our development budget […]

  • So you wanna release your game on Mac

    In one of my older posts I made a joke about the tiny amount of hipsters who still play games on mac, so now that we have *some* sales data from our release, it might be worth asking, how accurate is the joke? Mind you, this is only the launch day’s worth of sales data […]

  • So you want people to wishlist your game

    If you’re a smaller-scale indie dev, “the algorithm” can be very important to your game’s success. The Signal State made it to the ‘Popular Upcoming’ list on Steam’s frontpage (don’t ask me how), and this is what our daily wishlist graph looks like now: For comparison, the first spike was from the playable demo during […]

  • So you wanna export your game

    Ok brosquito! you’ve finished localizing your game and now its time to release it. You gotta make the builds. Simple right? You gotta make a pc build and a mac build. WAIT. new mac os x versions wont run apps unless you notarize them, so after you make the mac build you gotta notarize them, […]

  • So you wanna localize your game

    petition to ban all languages except english you wanna localize your game? sure send your text for localization get the text back, hope you didnt make any last minute changes which would mean another round of translations import the other languages in game. oh no your text layouts are all messed up because german takes […]