Data Vault Divers is a 2.5D top-down stealth game built on the idea of the inter-connectedness between floors. Players are able to utilize a wide variety of gadgets to overcome the various obstacles within the game. Destroy robot guards, hack through doors, and navigate through the maze of haphazard laser traps to become the best vault diver in the world!

My code contributions included the NPC AI and secondary gameplay mechanics, as well as designing some aspects of the GUI.

Working on the pathfinding AI within the limited feature set of Zero Engine was an interesting challenge. The serialization systems was not usable by end users, so any nodegraph generated for pathfinding could not be saved and had to be recomputed every playthrough. However, there was also no ability to perform any multithreading or coroutines of any sort and thus I had to ‘smear’ the nodegraph generation over several frames so that the game did not visibly freeze, all while the NPCs would already start to attempt to use the nodegraph for pathfinding.