Tag: TV

  • Sex Education

    The Netflix show Sex Education is actually a great source of sex education. Who knew? Seriously though, some of its scene and plot beats seem almost purposefully constructed for the sole purpose of delivering useful and affirming information about sex, romance and intimacy. One character learns about pansexuality and reads a dictionary definition of it […]

  • The Magic Trick in Deus Ex

    I’ve been obsessively watching old clips of the TV talent show Penn and Teller’s Fool Us recently. The show’s premise is this: magicians come onto the show and perform a routine in front of Penn and Teller along with a live audience. At the end of their routine, Penn and Teller discuss amongst themselves and […]

  • Mr Robot: The Machine that Whiterose built

    Mr Robot’s episodes are peppered with Chekov’s guns. An insert shot of a Signal message. A spoken line cut off mid-word. You can practically hear the metaphorical rounds loaded into the metaphorical rifle. It means something right? It has to. Sam Esmail is no J.J. Abrams right? The secret box isn’t empty. And the guns […]